HORSES FOR SALE
IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The Goodwins and Blackberry Ridge Horse Farm reserve the right to refuse to sell any horse for any reason.  We insist that all our horses go to a good, loving home.  Our horses are part of our family and we expect them to become part of their buyer's family as well!
**BUYER BEWARE: Only registered Carolina Marsh Tackies are listed for sale on this website. As of April 2012, there are only 285 registered Carolina Marsh Tackies in existence. Before buying a horse that is purported to be Carolina Marsh Tacky, ask to inspect the horse's registration papers. Registered Carolina Marsh Tackies will have registration papers issued by the ALBC and those papers will have a raised seal. "Half" Tackies are NOT registered or registrable Carolina Marsh Tackies.

Unfortunately, due to the breed's recent publicity, there are individuals who are representing horses as Marsh Tackies when these horses are NOT, in fact, Carolina Marsh Tackies.  PROTECT YOURSELF.  KNOW HOW TO DETERMINE IF A HORSE IS A CAROLINA MARSH TACKY BEFORE YOU BUY!!

If you have questions about whether or not a horse is a true Carolina Marsh Tacky, contact the Carolina Marsh Tacky Association at

 OSCAR, born 6-2-13.  Sire:  Jack Friday (Race Champion 2013; American Indian Horse SE Reserve Champion 2012).
Dam:  Blessing
Registration Number: 416​​
Weaned.  Sweet tempered.​

$2500.  Payment by check must clear before the horse leaves Blackberry Ridge.

We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason.​​​​​​​